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  Bach J. S.
  Beato José
  Beethoven L. V.
  Fauré Gabriel
  Glück C. W.
  Mozart W. A.
  Saint-Saëns C.
  Schubert Franz
  Schumann Robert
  Violoncello and Guitar
  Flute and Guitar
  Voice and Guitar
  Violin and Guitar
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  Aria 1
  Allegretto by: F. Carulli
  Bach, J. S.
  Beato José
  Schumann Robert
  The Sky Above The Roof
Who We Are
We are a Portuguese Publisher devoted mainly to the Classical Guitar as a Solo Instrument or combined in all sorts of Ensembles which may grow up to the Symphonic Orchestra.
We intend to work also with other Instruments as Solo Instruments or combined in all sorts of Ensembles but the Classical Guitar is our starting point.
We are dedicated to Arrangements of Masterpieces of all times, works less known and Original Pieces as well.

www.tirandoeditions.com | info@tirandoeditions.com |  Telf.: (+351) 214 361 286
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